What we ate in Yangon

Our first breakfast

Here’s a little breakdown of what we ate in Yangon. We arrived in Yangon at 5am. After waiting for a city bus to take us to the Thai Embassy area it was 7am.

We walked to a nice restaurant named Morning Star Cafe. It is near to the Shwedagon Pagoda and next to the People’s Park.

Here we enjoyed a plate of 5 samosa for 500 kyat and a hot milk tea and a hot coffee for 600 kyat each. It was a nice open space and very popular with locals. It was very clean and the staff were all young men who were very friendly. There were a lot of meal choices but this was all we felt like.

5 Samosa on a plate with a cup of Milk Tea


We enjoyed lots of different things for lunch each day such as curry and rice, tea leaf salad and noodles. They do use a lot of oil in their cooking. We saw a lot of samosa and other deep fried amazing things but didn’t feel compelled to eat anymore after our first day of samosa for breakfast.

Close to the Thai Embassy we found a little stall on the side of the street. Here we had a bowl of rice each, shared a tea leaf salad and shared an egg curry. We were also given a refreshing broth and there was green tea on the table. And all of this cost us 1,700 kyat!!! That’s only 35 baht!!!!

Tea leaf salad; rice with curried egg
Tea leaf salad; rice with curried egg

We found the price averaged out to 1,000 kyat for one person to eat curry and rice. They had a few choices for curry – pork, chicken, prawns, egg. We had heard that they generally don’t bleed the chicken so we didn’t eat any.

We also got to try Shan Noodles which were very delicious. They came with a chutney. This cost 1,300 kyat per person and we also got an iced coffee for 1,000 kyat each. This restaurant was inside (although all the sides were open) and it was very clean.

Shan noodles with a chutney. Iced coffee
Shan noodles with a chutney.
Iced coffee

Milk Tea and Green Tea

We really enjoyed sitting at the little Milk Tea stalls. You’ll see a cart and some little plastic tables and chairs nearby. For 500 or 600 kyat (10 baht/ 50cents!!) you can enjoy an Instant Milk Tea or coffee hot drink.

Sit relax, enjoy watching the world go by and don’t think about the sugar content!!!!

Instant tea mix with a cup of hot water
Instant tea mix with a cup of hot water

Burma Belly??

We didn’t get sick at all. Sometimes there’s a lot of hype about places and we didn’t know what to expect. What we ate in Yangon was all very delicious and didn’t cause any problems.

However, we still used caution. If a place was empty at meal time, we kept walking. If we found a place with a lot of locals eating there we ate there too.

When you are thinking of what to eat in Yangon – please feel adventurous as there is some very tasty food out there!

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What we ate in Yangon
Tea Leaf Salad, egg curry and rice
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