Vivanouk Homestay in Savannakhet Laos

On our second night in Savannakhet we went to stay in this beautiful guesthouse – Vivanouk Homestay.  It is close to the night market in Savannakhet.  It is set in a French  Colonial style building which was built in 1919.

Savannakhet is the site of a historic city built by the French in 1895 adjacent to the mighty Mekong River, in Laos.

This homestay has a large open room downstairs for guests to sit and enjoy the atmosphere and buy some postcards and souvenirs, whilst the three bedrooms are all upstairs.  We particularly liked these beautiful posters, which you can buy from the attached website

We do not receive anything if you click through the link and buy anything from their website.

The Rooms

The rooms are like three sisters, even with their own names –  Ainée, Cadette and Benjamine. 

We stayed in Ainée which was on the end and very large and comfortable.  It is very beautifully decorated and it was so nice to sleep in very crisp sheets that smelt so clean and fresh! Definitely what you expect from a high quality midrange hotel like this.

The bathrooms

There are two shared bathrooms, one being an outdoor style which is very quaint and also very private due to the neighbour building a tall wall.

The ‘outside’ bathroom
The inside bathroom

What we particularly liked was the courtyard upstairs, it is very quaint and nicely decorated.  Very relaxing to spend some time there.

In the morning we enjoyed a complimentary French Press coffee (tea was also available) which was very pleasant.

If you do get to stay here, it is nice to get to know the owners and hear about their hard work in renovating this beautiful building and decorating such a lovely place. 

We really enjoyed talking with the owners and having them share their knowledge of the history of the town. 

They are able to assist you in finding tour guides, motorbike rental and they have their own bicycles for rent.

We also felt this was a perfect place for French speakers as you will have no problems communicating.

The building is very nicely decorated and it reminded us of a bygone era, simpler times but when we stepped outside we saw that Savannakhet is still living in those times. 
The locals are riding bicycles and carrying out daily tasks in a very relaxed and friendly way. 
Time seems to have slowed down here.h

Leave a comment below if you want to tell us about your stay in Savannakhet.

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Vivanouk Homestay in Savannakhet Laos
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