A visit to the Hospital in Mae Hong Son

When imagining a holiday or trip we don’t often picture taking a visit to the Hospital in Mae Hong Son.
Just in case you find yourself attending the hospital for whatever reason here is some information about it.

There is of course a 24 hour emergency room. We did not take any photos there.

We did however go to the main part of the hospital on New Year’s Day and there was not a person in sight!! Except for the pharmacist that is.
Otherwise it was very quiet.

If you have something to visit the Doctor about – check up, vaccination etc you can attend the Triage nurse at the front of the hospital.

At the Record Office you will present your passport so they can set up or find your record in the system.

Triage nurse desk in front of the Records Office
Triage nurse desk in front of the Records Office

The Triage nurse will take your blood pressure and work out your BMI and waist circumference. Then the Triage will direct you to the appropriate department.

Say for instance you want to see a Doctor – the Triage Nurse might direct you to Consulting Room 5. The consulting rooms are to the right and around the corner.
You would approach the nurse sitting at the desk outside that room to give her your paperwork. She will most likely tell you to take a seat.
It is very important to sit on the bank of seats outside that particular consulting room.

It can get very busy here. When it is your turn they will call your name and get you to sit at the 3 chairs in front of the nurses station. If you sit elsewhere they may miss you.

There is an X-Ray room. Also if you need a blood test you will walk out the back of the hospital near the x-ray room, down a ramp and the blood collection building is there on the right hand side.

There is a cashier, pharmacy and a cafe. There is an ATM outside the hospital on the wall near the Emergency Department.

We have found the staff at the Hospital in Mae Hong Son can speak a fair amount of English.

This is the biggest hospital in the area. There are many small medical centres in the villages and towns in this district. Therefore it can get busy with people from out of town. Chiang Mai is the closest biggest centre with many hospitals there to choose from.

Of course we hope that you have a safe and happy time without a visit to the Hospital in Mae Hong Son.

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A visit to the Hospital in Mae Hong Son
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