Thai Vegetarian Meals in Mae Hong Son

A lot of travelers are looking for Thai vegetarian meals in Mae Hong Son. We found a nice restaurant in Mae Hong Son town where you can buy vegetarian Grapow. Grapow is a spicy dish made with minced pork and Thai Holy Basil.

But for those of you who are vegetarian you don’t need to miss out on this spicy, tasty dish. Here at this modest restaurant you can get a vegetarian version made with tofu, mushrooms and other tasty vegetables.

They also provide a vegetarian broth to eat with your meal. And the best thing is – it only costs 35 baht!!! They provide free water and ice (help yourself to the glasses and ice).

The owners are very friendly and helpful. Whenever we eat here they seem like they are our best friends.

This little restaurant is on the road to the hospital, across the road from a little bakery and an organic fruit and veg shop. See on the map below.

Vegetarian Grapow in Mae Hong Son - full of veggies and tofu
Vegetarian Grapow

There are many other delicious options as shown on the menu. Most likely they have an English menu there as well. For most meals you can ask for a vegetarian option, such as Cow Pad (Fried Rice). The word for vegetarian is ‘Jeh’. This is a good option for eating Thai vegetarian meals in Mae Hong Son. Especially if the local Vegan restaurant is closed.

Vegetarian meals in Mae Hong Son - menu in Thai to show all the meal options

Hope you can enjoy eating here one day!

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Thai Vegetarian Meals in Mae Hong Son
The front of the shop
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