Vanpila Homestay

A brand new homestay in the centre of Savannakhet – Vanpila Homestay.

We stayed one night in the beautiful Vivanouk Homestay and the owners took us to see their new venture 500 metres away, Vanpila Homestay. 

They are still working on renovating Vanpila but have one room ready which we were able to tour briefly although they had a guest staying.  This simple but nicely decorated bedroom also had an attached bathroom.


A beautiful traditional timber 2-storey home built in the 1960’s, it is being lovingly restored and renovated.

Downstairs is a large open room with beautiful front windows looking out onto the front garden.  It is sparsely furnished because they are still working on it all but it would be a nice place to sit and read and relax.

Sit on the front porch and watch the garden take shape

Ensuite bathroom – stylishly simple by using natural products such as bamboo for the tap spout and sleek polished concrete for the walls and basin

Upstairs seating area on the landing

Situated within a nice yard with potential for a lovely garden to develop.  The neighbouring houses and street are very quiet.  It is away from the main tourist area, night clubs and night market and it appears to be very quiet and peaceful of a night time.

Lovely garden view from the window on the landing


It is still a work in progress but it is a nice place now and will be a very lovely place when they are finished.  You can always stay now and come back again in the future to compare.  It would be exciting to see how it has grown and changed.

Let us know if you stay at Vanpila Homestay

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Vanpila Homestay
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