Our visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo

In January 2019 we visited the Chiang Mai Zoo. We visited in 2014 but this time wanted to write about our visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo.

There are different packages so we chose the one with general zoo admission as well as to go into the Panda House. Both my husband and I have Thai driver’s licenses so they kindly gave us the Thai rate.

It is built on the side of a mountain so it was quite a strenuous walk. We didn’t use the shuttle bus but we followed the shortcuts on the map.

The Pandas were very cute to watch. When we first walked in we were disappointed that the female panda was up in the back corner sleeping, enjoying some privacy. After a short time they let the male panda into his enclosure and we were able to watch him annihilate the bamboo.

Male panda enjoying his breakfast at the Panda House, Chiang Mai Zoo
Male panda enjoying his breakfast at the Panda House, Chiang Mai Zoo

The animal enclosures had better protection and were further away from dangerous animals than at the Mae Hong Son zoo

They have a large array of animals, not just Thai animals. We saw koalas, kangaroos and emus from Australia. Pandas from China and Flamingoes and Macaws, just to name a few.

We enjoyed being able to feed the hippos, they were very sweet. It appears the giraffe feeding is no longer open which might be for the best for the animals.

We did notice the zoo is a bit run down. There were many enclosures empty or closed. It just didn’t seem as nice or as popular as when we were there in 2014. The penguin enclosure was quite green and difficult to see in.

It was an enjoyable morning in nature. We chose to go to the Chiang Mai Zoo instead of the Night Safari so we hope that we didn’t miss out on a better place. We hope our visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo can help you with your decisions.

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Our visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo
Male panda eating breakfast at Chiang Mai Zoo
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