Myawaddy to Yangon by bus

February 2019 saw us travel Myawaddy to Yangon by bus. Previously we had visited Myawaddy and Tachilek but this time we wanted to explore a bit more of Myanmar.

How to buy tickets

We purchased our one way ticket online at Myanmar Bus Ticket with the
Shwe Sin Sekkyar company. It cost 26,000 Kyat per person to take the VIP bus.

When we arrived in Yangon we bought the ticket for the trip back to Myawaddy. This cost 13,000 Kyat per person for the normal bus.

Where to get the bus in Myawaddy

We got the bus at the bus office which was on the highway out of Myawaddy a little way. Its not a very comfortable place to wait so we walked away from town for about 5 minutes and found a cafe and bakery. We had cheap coffee there and used the wifi and their toilet but there was a weird smell.

We had to wait as they changed the departure time, instead of leaving at 5pm it left at 8pm. We did discover later that they had sent an email to advise of this.

The bus trip

They provided us with a little gift bag containing water, juice and a cake. A hot coffee was also served before departure.

Online there was a lot of advice saying the road has been upgraded and is now really good. Let me tell you, that is not quite the case. For about 3 hours the road is dreadful!! Very narrow one lane which is very bumpy and full of holes. The bus had to keep getting down onto the gravelly shoulder to let oncoming trucks and buses pass.

After that the road seems to be quite good, wide and new.

On our return trip we were prepared for the state of the road but on the way we were quite scared!

The VIP seats are nice and wide. There are 2 seats, an aisle and one seat. We found the normal bus ok for us as we are not overly big and we don’t usually take VIP buses.

There is one stop for a meal and toilet.

Our bus left at 8pm and arrived at 5am.

We crossed the busy highway at Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station in Yangon and caught a city bus into town for 200 kyat per person.

The return trip from Yangon

When we arrived in Yangon we bought our ticket straight away. When we were leaving we ended up at the bus station a couple of hours ahead of time and sat at a nice tea shop in the bus station area. Then we sat in the plastic chairs at our bus company’s office.

There is a courtyard where all the buses are with buildings all around. These buildings house the different bus companies as well as restaurants.

The bus company we used had a toilet for use but it was very gross. I went to another bus company which had a sign saying “VIP Lounge” and while they were still squat toilets they were a lot cleaner.

On the normal bus they played a very loud and weird movie (In Myanmar language) but we had headphones and our own entertainment to drown it out.


The staff took photo copies of our passports and along the way immigration police got on and checked up on us.

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Myawaddy to Yangon by bus
Inside the VIP coach
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