How to get an almost free cup of coffee in Thailand

As anyone who knows us could tell you, we like coffee! We drink way too much!! When you are on a budget, how do you get an almost free cup of coffee in Thailand? Well a fairly cheap cup of coffee at least?

The great thing when you travel is to try the different coffee of the regions you are visiting. We have been especially enjoying our time in Northern Thailand because they grow coffee in this region. And its Arabica coffee too! The roasting process also has a lot of variants in this area.

Fresh picked coffee beans near Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son

You’ll find that we like to go to cafes and here but our budget does not always allow for that. So we buy local coffee beans (ground) for usually 200 baht for a 250 gram bag. Then using our trusty thermos we make a coffee and take with us. You should be able to get at least 10 cups of coffee out of a 250 gram bag – making each cup of coffee 20 baht. Of course this is not actually free but its half the price of what the cafes charge for a real coffee.
And who knows, maybe your kind friends will give you a bag of coffee as a gift.

Our thermos is just a standard one, we’d love a travel thermos where you can make the coffee in it. However we have to brew our coffee first and then pour it into the thermos.

Another option we have used is coffee bags. We had never heard of these until a few years ago when a dear friend in Australia gave us some as a parting gift. Yes this coffee isn’t from Thailand but when you need a decent cup of coffee this comes in very handy.

What happens when you are in a hotel with no hot water? Take a visit to the 7/11. At any 7/11 in Thailand you will find a hot water machine. They sell coffee sachets and plastic cups for you to make a 3 in 1 coffee for 14 baht. Not too bad a price for instant coffee and sugar and whitener. But if you have your own receptacle you can get hot water for FREE!!! How awesome is that?!!!
Of course, it’s nice to ask them when you enter the shop if you can have free hot water. (kor naam ron free dai mai ka/krup). So far they haven’t refused us.

The other great thing at the 7/11 is that you can buy a small bottle of milk as well if you take milk in your coffee. They have small single serve sizes that we have used in the past.

Obviously you won’t end up with a fancy looking latte but depending on the coffee beans you have bought, it can taste very nice.

So what about it? We hope this information on how to get an almost free cup of coffee in Thailand helped you. Of course we also carry teabags with us (being Australian and all that). So you can use this exact same travel hack for a cup of tea!

Let us know if you use the free hot water from the 7/11.

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How to get an almost free cup of coffee in Thailand
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