Free Zoo Ban Rak Thai

Where it is:-

There is a free Zoo near Ban Rak Thai – on the way to Ban Rak Thai there is a turn off to the left with signs pointing to Pang Tong Palace. This area is free to enter and is open to the public.

Here you can explore the agricultural development center and also visit a free zoo.

The animals found in this zoo are native to the area. For instance they have breeding pairs of Barking Deer. The offspring are released back into the forest and the parents are kept in captivity as part of the breeding program.

The keeper even showed us which flowers we could feed to the deer which they absolutely love. They seem to be a bit shy and tend to hide in the grass and are quite hard to see! But they were coaxed out to nibble on these tasty flowers.

It is very interesting to see some Leopard Cats and Golden Cats which are very beautiful and unusual. The natural population is most likely diminished so it is fairly improbable to see them in the wild. It is really nice to be able to see them up close.

Golden Cat which is native to Thailand
Golden Cat

They also have numerous birds including a pair of the gorgeous Great Pied Hornbill as well as another type of Hornbill. They are magnificent creatures. Just be careful though because they can put their beaks through the wire.

We also enjoyed watching the peacocks and Silver Pheasants. They are a very beautiful bird.

How to find the animals:-

When you drive into the complex you will drive for a few kilometres before you see on your right a parking area and cages all around.

We have visited this free zoo on a day trip to Ban Rak Thai and Pang Ung.

Please enjoy your visit to this free zoo near Ban Rak Thai.

Native Tiger Cat found at Pang Tong Palace
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Free Zoo Ban Rak Thai
Barking Deer at free zoo Ban Rak Thai
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