Free parking near Flinders Station

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to find free parking near Flinders Station in Melbourne’s CBD?

There are a lot of parking towers around but it’s not cheap! Here we want to share a short term parking option, this isn’t suitable for all day parking.

We stumbled across this great place to park and wanted to share it with you but make sure you leave space for us 🙂

Across the Yarra River from Federation Square you will find the Melbourne Rowing Club and Melbourne University Boat Club. Along the road leading to these boat clubs the parking is ticketed up until 3pm on a weekday, meaning it’s free after 3pm on a weekday and free all day on weekends.

From here it is just a short walk to Federation Square & Flinders Street Station.

Of course at times there are events in the park at which time the parking might be full of patrons but it’s worked for us quite a few times when we went in of an afternoon.

Please keep an eye on the signs here as it may change but at the moment it’s a great free spot to park at certain times.

4 minute walk

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Free parking near Flinders Station
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