Our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant

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This is our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Savannakhet and also actually the only one we found.  We searched around our hotels but this was the only one we ended up seeing and it is close to the bus station!! 


We remembered this restaurant from our last visit to Savannakhet and on our last day we found it again.  And the sweet lady remembered us too!!! 

We arrived about midday and the restaurant had about 5 tables set up.  Each and every one was full!!! 
The sweet lady didn’t let that worry her but she had her son and daughter set up a table for us which was lovely of them.

It also appeared that her children come home from school to help with the restaurant.  They are highschool age and it seems like it would be teaching them many practical skills.

This restaurant is not far from the bus station.  It is open 9am to 8am daily.

They serve delicious vietnamese crepes for 15,000 kip and spring rolls 5 pieces for 15,000 or 10 pieces for 30,000 kip.

There are some other items on their menu but these are the things that appealed to us the most.  We were so happy to finally be eating Vietnamese food that we bought a plate of crepes each and a plate of spring rolls to share!  Delicious!!!  

They also provide free iced tea.

Maybe you can recommend another Vietnamese restaurant?
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Our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant
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