Elephants in Chiang Mai

Recently we made two visits to see elephants in Chiang Mai. It seems like elephants are synonymous with Thailand. Located near Mae Rim, outside of Chiang Mai is the Maesa Elephant Camp.

Elephant Show

On our first visit we chose to watch the elephant show. The elephants play soccor, play the harmonica and paint pictures.

The show is held 3 times a day: 8am, 9:40am and 1:30pm. It costs 250 baht per adult. There is quite a long introductory recording explaining the training of the elephants and traditional use of elephants in many languages. This is quite long so it will take time before the show gets underway.

Maesa Elephant Camp show description, times and price

Elephant Nursery

We also walked down to the elephant nursery and had a great time seeing some very cute babies.

A baby elephant with a very long trunk
Cute baby elephants!

Elephant Riding

My nephews enjoyed going on an elephant ride together. The mahoots assured us that no elephants were pregnant, only fat. See below for prices.

Maesa Elephant Camp riding description and price

On our second visit to Maesa Elephant Camp we arrived too late for any shows. We paid 150 baht per adult for entry and went to the elephant nursery. It was lovely to see the cute babies but please take care with the adults. We discovered that the elephants trunk is surprisingly long and seems to extend further than you realise. And they are very strong so watch out for being hit in the head if they don’t think you are providing enough food!! Bananas cost 40 baht to feed them.

Washing the elephants

At 3:20pm they wash some elephants in the river. We really enjoyed watching this, it was very beautiful! And we were the only ones watching it.

When they brought the elephants out of the river they performed a couple of tricks for us. The elephants kissed us on the cheek and put a hat on our head. A tip is expected for this and we were happy to pay as it was funny and a great photo opportunity.

two elephants in the river enjoying the water
An elephant standing in the river being doused in water

We enjoyed the few hours we spent at Maesa Elephant Camp. The elephants seem to be happy and healthy. If you are looking for elephants in Chiang Mai, take a trip to Mae Rim and you will find them.

It is also handy if you are visiting the Tiger Kingdom which is only 15 minutes from here.

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Elephants in Chiang Mai
The hat, fabric belt and elephant hook used by the mahouts
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