Chinese Noodle Soup in Laos

On our recent trip to Savannakhet in Laos, we tried hard to eat local food and eat on a budget.  Across from Savan Cafe saw this chinese noodle soup for 15,000 kip a bowl.  Looks like it ticks all the boxes!

In Thai it is called Bah-mee Geow Nam and it is made with pork broth and has pork meat and pork wontons in it as well as some vegetables and noodles.  There is no blood or blood products in this soup.  In Thailand we are often checking if there is hidden blood in the soups.

Very tasty and filling for the price.  You can add some lime juice, chillis and extra seasonings to adjust it to your taste.

They also provided a free jug of refreshing iced tea.  

Would you eat Chinese Noodle soup in Laos? What alternatives have our vegan friends found?

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Chinese Noodle Soup in Laos
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