Booking your hotel

Like most people, it is always a big decision when booking your hotel. It can really make or break your holiday.

We prefer to book through as we find their rates are usually very good and there are no hidden fees.

We also like to look at TripAdvisor to check the reviews and the prices that they offer there.

Checking the hotel’s own website is also a good idea in case they have their own promotion.

When we travelled to Vietnam we didn’t book online but walked around and asked at hotels for their rate and for a discount. It worked out ok but it was tiring and difficult to know what the hotel would be like and if we were getting a good price or not.

If you are needing accommodation soon, please consider booking through as we will get a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Booking your hotel is easy to do through our website by clicking on the booking box below.

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Booking your hotel
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